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Our Sustainability

At Aspen API, the protection of our employees, the environment and our products is highly valuated. We are committed to ensure a proactive safety culture and consider Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) awareness and compliance as an imperative. We manage SHE as an integral part of our business and we are an ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified company. Our dedicated team of in-house SHE specialists ensures continuous improvement in SHE management and performance. Our motto is ‘I work safely, or I don’t work at all’.

Our primary objectives are to create a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, contractors and partners, to minimize our impact on the environment and to handle raw materials and energy efficiently. We feel the need and the responsibility to do so.

We are all responsible

We believe that SHE management is the fundamental responsibility of all of us in this organization: employees, contractors and partners who carry out work at our sites. We are constantly promoting a proactive SHE culture in which we demonstrate ownership of our SHE performance and contribute towards improving it. In an open atmosphere everyone is asked to call others to account. We also involve and consult our employees in the execution of the SHE policy.

Compliance to SHE requirements

We are committed to working in compliance with all legal SHE requirements, other requirements that the company subscribes to or that major stakeholders insist upon. We work in accordance with SHE standards ISO 14001 (environment), ISO 45001 (safety) and NTA 8620 (external safety) and we maintain certified systems for this purpose.

Identifying and controlling SHE hazards

Adequate resources and facilities are made available to identify and control SHE hazards. We aim to prevent illness, accidents and environmental incidents by avoiding or minimizing health and safety risks. Risks are systematically identified and measures are taken to manage them. The choice of measures is based on the occupational hygiene strategy.

Save the planet

In our effort to preserve this world for generations to come, we try to minimize our carbon footprint. We prevent environmental pollution (soil, water, air) and nuisance (odour, noise) and limit environmental impact (energy, water and raw material consumption, andwaste production). We do this by employing appropriate processes, working practices, materials and products. Application of Best Available Techniques is our starting point. Specifically, we focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We use green technology and solvents in our chemical processes as much as possible and strive for more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Continuous improvement

It is our objective to continuously improve our SHE performance by taking all reasonably and practical measures. Continuous improvement can be demonstrated by setting measurable SHE targets, the progress of which is monitored and, if necessary, adjusted.

Transparent communication

We recognize that transparent communication is essential for successful compliance. Our SHE goals and results are regularly communicated to our stakeholders. We reach out to our employees, government, business partners and neighbors to seek dialogue, in an open atmosphere. We show them around, we listen to their suggestions. We go the extra mile to constantly improve our SHE performance. Not only because we have to, but because we want to.

The SHE policy is reviewed annually to ensure that it is consistent with the company’s vision and values and can be made available on request.

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