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Our Brand

Aspen API. More than just an API

At Aspen API, we provide high quality active pharmaceutical ingredients that are used to improve patients’ lives worldwide. Meanwhile we protect our employees, the environment and our products. With quality, compliance and collaboration at the core of our DNA, we continuously strive to improve and provide the ultimate solutions for our customers.

Power of our People

Our proactive quality and safety culture is firmly rooted in our people: a workforce of over 1200 employees who are energetic, committed and enthusiastic. We understand your needs and contribute proactively in discussing more efficient and green alternatives. Our people form a powerful basis for every new, sustainable development and in our continuous drive for unprecedented and unique solutions.

Power of Reliability

Our inexhaustible, deep-rooted foundation for complex, powerful APIs is built on 100 years of history. We are known as a reliable API provider. This is confirmed time and time again by our customers, as well as by international health authorities, including the US FDA, EDQM, Dutch Health authorities and PMDA. Weekly we welcome (virtual) inspection teams to our sites, and take pride in successfully completed inspections.

Power of Collaboration

We strongly believe in the chemistry of collaboration in all stages. Whether your project is for a new chemical entity (NCE), or a process for (re-)designing your (intermediate) API, we will be your partner from the development phase to the commercial implementation. We are with you every step of your journey. Through personal interaction, co-creation and tailor-made solutions, we have the power to make your project a success.

Power of Innovation

Our development team commits itself to incorporate innovation and green technology into your projects. Being proactive and energetic, we embrace state-of-the-art knowledge and innovation. Our close contacts to educational institutes (MSc and BSc) and companies in for example the Health Valley Netherlands, the biggest Dutch Life Sciences & Health innovation network, enables us to keep up with the latest developments and to innovate.

Power of Improvement

Tomorrow we’ll be better than today is not just a quote. It is a way of being, living, working. We embrace Lean Six Sigma and we continuously strive to improve. Together with our Yellow, Green and Black Belts we make projects and processes smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable.

Power to the Planet

Sustainability is extremely important to us at Aspen API. In our effort to preserve this world for generations to come, we try to minimize our carbon footprint. We practice what we preach: we use green technology and solvents in our chemical processes where possible and we strive for more environmentally friendly alternatives.

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